Boy quotes

Harry ate two blood oranges before asking me if it was real blood. Not squeamish then.

Joe, on the monitor: “Stop talkin’, Mama! What you laughin’, Mama?!” Go to sleep!

Harry was trying to cheer me up this morning and he said, “Think of that girl from Little People who looks just like you!” 😀

Joe asked me what we’re doing this weekend. I asked him what he wants to do. He said, “Errrr… go norf London?”

Harry’s doing a concert in the lounge. He just said “Have we got any fireworks? Small ones – sparklers? How about a dancefloor?”

Me to Joe: “Do you know how much we all love you?” Joe: “Errrr… twenty thirty?” Yes. Exactly that much.

Harry has a friend round. He just showed him one of my books and said “As you can see, Middy is a publisher…”

Joe: “Jus’ a minute. Jus’ drawin’ happy. On wall.” Aww. Wait. On WALL?!

Harry: “What’s a deadline? Is it when you don’t do your book on time, your agent gets you… dead?” Yes. Yes, it is.


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