52 Books: Holiday reading (part one)

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is choosing my holiday reads. In the past, I made sure I had at least a book a day (since having kids, I haven’t really expected to read a book, but I had to take plenty just in case), but this was the first holiday I’d taken with a Kindle, so that wasn’t a problem. Even so, pre-hols, I went into a frenzy of Kindle-filling, making sure as many reading moods as possible were accounted for. I ended up with about 65 books (I didn’t buy them all especially for the holiday; in fact, I didn’t buy them all at all – lots were from NetGalley) from MG to YA with adult fiction and non-fiction. (More non-fic than all the others put together, for some reason).

First up was Jennifer Weiner’s latest, The Next Best Thing. I loved Good In Bed and In Her Shoes, but I’ve lost track of Weiner’s books lately – I don’t think I’ve read the last three – but I loved the sound of The Next Best Thing. It’s set in Hollywood and based around a sitcom writer getting her first show on air (as Weiner herself did last year with State of Georgia) and I absolutely loved it. So easy to read, with charming, funny, real characters and a fascinating setting. I really must go back and read the books I’ve missed.

I then read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, which I bought after my friend Kirsty (of Novelicious, so she knows what she’s talking about) called it ‘perfect’. And it was. I didn’t want it to end. It’s a YA novel in the US, but is being published as adult here, presumably because even though it’s the story of two sixteen-year-olds, it’s set in 1986. It’s just wonderful. Sad and funny and sweet.

Last up (for now) is Life According to Alice B Lovely by Karen McCombie, which was indeed lovely. It was my first Karen McCombie book, but it won’t be my last.


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