Make ice lollies

Harry and Joe have been a bit obsessed with making lollies lately. If I so much as skip off to the loo, Joe’s in and out of the freezer, trying to fill the lolly tray thing with water to make “WATER YOYYIES, MAMA!” So I decided we’d try out this recipe from Catherine Newman (my first stop for any and all recipes, but particularly kid-friendly ones).

We forgot the lime, but we had all the other ingredients and Harry helped me whizz them in the blender. (Joe ran out of the kitchen cos the noise was “Too ‘cary!”). We stuck them in the freezer and H and J spent the next four hours saying, “Has it been four hours yet? Has it? Has it been four hours yet?”

After four hours, I gave them a lolly each and took one for myself.


Harry declared his “Disgusting.” Joe wasn’t wild about his either. I thought mine was delicious.

I think we’ll try strawberry next time.