Visit the National Museum of Film and Television

David and I went to this museum years ago to see This Is Cinerama, as recommended by Bill Bryson in Notes from a Small Island and it was brilliant. A couple of weeks ago, a leaflet came through the door and it had an original Gameboy on it, so that was it: Harry insisted we go.

It’s a really fabulous museum – we were there all day and didn’t manage to see everything (we missed the photography exhibit). We started with animation, which inspired us to buy a Praxinoscope (which you’ll be hearing about) and then went up to the games room. Harry was completely overexcited and then horrified at the sight of Pong – “This is what you had when you were my age? THIS? Seriously?!” We tried playing it and it was really hard – stupid dial controls. I then showed him Frogger, which he found equally disappointing, and then Pac-man, which wasn’t working very well. (Either that or I’m really crap at it.)

David then introduced the boys to his old favourite: Manic Miner.


They weren’t impressed.

Harry and I had a go on an early Sonic the Hedgehog game, which we quite enjoyed.

And then we went up to the TV floor, which was just brilliant. I’d love to go back without Joe (or when Joe’s older) and have a good look around. But Joe got to be on TV (we tried to get him to go in Teletubby-land, but there were too many people watching and he went shy).

I think we spent the longest in the internet exhibition (if you don’t include the fantastic shop). Harry got to try out HTML, David recorded an interview with Joe and I mainly looked at Twitter, because it was right at the point that Boris was dangling. The lighting in the exhibition changes dependent on the emotions being expressed on Twitter (?!) and while we were there – and Boris was dangling – it was LOL-pink. Srsly.


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  1. Love this post, I really wanted to go with T when I found out they had a video games section as he’s a massive gamer and always complains when I go to museums! But I read somewhere that they’d shut the video game bit down! Now I know different I will try and go soon!!

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