Baking is not my strongpoint. Or is it?

No. No, it’s not. But I did at least buy a muffin tray and a cake tin this week, so at least I’m showing commitment (I’ve always borrowed them from my mother-in-law in the past).

I bought them because Harry wants to make almond cake (which he tasted in Majorca and loved) and I wanted to make the Rhubarb Tarts I spotted in this book.

There’s one, in the middle. We went and bought all the ingredients, apart from cassis (the recipe only called for one tablespoon, so I wasn’t going to buy a whole bottle for that). The recipe states ready-made puff or shortcrust pastry and Asda only had puff, so that’s what we got.

Harry and Joe joined me in the kitchen to “help” and off we went. It was an extremely easy recipe, but I knew almost immediately that there wasn’t enough pastry – we managed to get ten circles out of the sheet – and that the instruction to roll it out to 1cm thickness was baffling. For one, it was already rolled out (recipe calls for “one sheet”) and if it had been 1cm thick, there would hardly have been room in the muffin tray for filling. (It’s possible that this is a problem with a tray, but even so – 1cm can’t be right. As you’ll see.) We chopped up the rhubarb, mixed the butter, sugar and almonds and then put the whole lot together and stuck it in the oven.

After 25 minutes, voila!

The hell? One of them was a total write-off…

Hello. Haven’t I seen you on Embarrassing Bodies?

But one of them looked just right (almost)…

It looked even better when I popped it out of the tray, so I took it outside for a photo sesh…

And then I ate it. The boys weren’t all that bothered about what the tarts looked like. Harry declared his a 7/10, but Joe said, “It’s really yummy, Harry!” And he was right.


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  1. haha, my cakes always turn out looking nothing like the pictures! I love the sound of the rhubarb tarts but I’m the only one in my house that likes rhubarb! Can I come round for tea? haha

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