Customer service: you win some, you lose some

Last week, out of the blue, my Kindle packed up. Lines across two thirds of the screen. I turned it on and off again. I cuddled it and told it I loved it, but nothing. I got home and contacted Amazon Customer Service. Have you ever contacted them? On the site, there’s an option for them to call you and literally as soon as you click on it the phone starts ringing. Amazing.

So I told the guy what was wrong and he said it was a hardware failure and, since my Kindle was out of warranty (I’ve had it for two years), I’d have to buy a new one, but they could offer me a discount on whichever one I wanted. I said I’d have to think about it. I thought about it for a while and then I rang up and ordered a new one.

Again, the two people I spoke to at customer services were wonderful: polite and efficient. I was probably on the phone for no more than 3 minutes. They said the Kindle would be sent by free delivery, so it would be with me by next Friday (i.e. the 17th). It arrived yesterday. And before it had even arrived, I went on the website to send a sample to my iPad and the option was there to send it to “Keris’s 2nd Kindle.” Fab.

We ordered a new bed from KandCo on 27 June. They would contact us to arrange delivery within three weeks. Got back from holiday to find a delivery card through the door with ‘Bed’ scrawled on it. They hadn’t been in touch. Couple of days later, two men in a van turned up to deliver the bed (they still hadn’t been in touch). I had to turn them away since we had nowhere to put it while we still had our old bed. They said that was fine, the company would be in touch re redelivery.

Got rid of our old bed. Nothing from KandCo. Emailed customer service. They wrote offering a 20% discount on next order, no info re delivery. I phoned last week, someone would get straight back to me. This morning I got an email to tell me the bed had been returned to the warehouse and the order cancelled. Sorry!

On the upside, I can use the 20% discount to buy the bed again. But delivery is within 3 weeks and we’re sleeping on a mattress.


3 thoughts on “Customer service: you win some, you lose some

  1. Yay about Amazon… grrr about K&co, thats awful, and ridiculous… I’d not buy from there out of spite… but then again a 20% discount is a decent amount… I hope you get a bed sorted soon!

  2. So many things can be said about Amazon but one thing they never fail to deliver on is customer service – yay! Not so yay about Kandco – but good you got a discount 🙂

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