Since the end of Daily Exercise June, I’ve continued to exercise, but not every day. Although I probably *do* do something every day, I haven’t been working to a schedule.

I finished the beginners kettlebell DVD (it was too boring to keep doing) and I’ve ordered another. I’m still Zumba-ing and doing yoga (usually via YouTube) and I’ve also started doing a short-but-painful Matt Roberts DVD that came free with a newspaper a couple of years ago. I’m a bit tired of the Wii Fit too – I love the balance games, but I need more challenging exercises.

Last night on Twitter, my friend Michelle mentioned she was planning to do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD. Now I’ve heard a lot about this and I’ve been intrigued, but it sounds way painful. But I do love a monthly challenge, so I ordered it too and me and Michelle are going to do it together. Virtually. Michelle’s written about it here and I’m sure we’ll both be blogging and tweeting about it as we go. Please cheer us on – I think we’re going to need it!


6 thoughts on “Shredding

  1. Hi Keris
    I’ve been doing the 30 day shred (off and on I have to admit) and I’ve definitely felt the benefit. Sometimes I actually quite like it! Haven’t made it to level 3 though (yet…?)
    Elle x

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