Almond cake. Sort of.

Making almond cake was on our Summer To Do list, after we tasted it at the airport on the way back from holiday. Fortunately, there was a recipe in the Kitchen & Co book I bought recently and so yesterday… we made it.

The recipe said to cook it for an hour, but after 40 minutes I could smell burning. I opened the oven to find there was a good reason for that – it was extremely brown and almost black around the edges. But when I cut into it, the inside looked fine.

I tasted it and it was really good. I mean REALLY good. The outside almost tasted caramelised and the inside was mega-moist. I gave the boys a slice each and they almost immediately asked for more. By the time David got home, we’d eaten half the cake, which, considering the ingredients included 250g of butter and 325g of sugar, probably wasn’t the best idea ever.

I turned it into Miss Pacman to make it look prettier

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