The end of an era: Joe’s in a bed

Joe  finally moved into a proper bed tonight. He’s been big enough for a real bed for ages, but I figured as long as he was happy in a cot, I was happy for him to stay in a cot… because he stayed in his cot… and I didn’t have to worry about him wandering around in the night and falling down the stairs.

But he saw me ordering our new bed (which we still haven’t got, but that’s another story…) and said he wanted a bed: “Cos I’m a big guy…” How could I resist?

David and I had a moment earlier. David said, “No more Stainton babies in cots…” and though we don’t want any more Stainton babies… it’s just another of those moments. My babies are growing up. *Sniff*

* Btw, he hasn’t been in that bouncy hammock all this time – that would be mad. That was just the earliest photo I could find of him in a cot.


2 thoughts on “The end of an era: Joe’s in a bed

  1. Ah keris, they might be growing up which is hard for a mum, but they are growing up beautifully. And the bouncy hammock looks so comfy, where can I get one for me?

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