30 years on…

We were in a cafe last week and they had a bookcase with novels and magazines you could help yourself to. I spotted a couple of National Geographics that turned out to be from 1982. One of them had a feature about Silicon Valley (you can read the full article here). It was this next bit that really leapt out at me though (click to embiggen).

Co-founder of Apple Computer, 27-year-old Steven Jobs…

I only really became familiar with Steve Jobs in the last five or so years. I don’t really remember much about Apple and I certainly don’t remember him being “Steven” or having long hair. I stared at the magazine, thinking since this magazine came out, he turned Apple into such a ridiculous success, co-founded Pixar, became this huge business and creative icon… and died.

David said, “Well, yeah. It’s been 30 years. A lot can happen in 30 years.” And I get that. I know that. But lately my favourite quote – from Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day – has been running through my head: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Steve Jobs died much too young. But he packed a hell of a lot into the thirty years since that magazine was published. There’s a man who knew just what to do with his one wild and precious life.


3 thoughts on “30 years on…

  1. That’s beautiful. And really thoughful. Sometimes it’s hard, I think I get frustrated cause I feel like I’m at a standstill with my wild and precious life. I have a Mary Oliver book ‘Wild Geese’ in my bag. I really must read more of it. x

      1. Thanks, Keris. So strange, the poem ‘Wild Geese’ keeps popping up in my life, Nicole from bluebicicletta.com sent me a photocopy of it along with some lovely artwork I bought from her. Seems like it’d be worth dipping into for a little inspiration.

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