Harry Reads to Joe

After reading yesterday that Save the Children have launched their first ever campaign to help UK families in poverty, Harry and I had a chat about what we could do to raise some money. I suggested a sponsored… something and though he was planning to break his own trampoline jumping record, we finally decided on a sponsored read.

One of the few items on our unschooling manifesto (I will get back to unschooling in another post, honest) was for Harry to read to Joe every day. I want Harry to get into the habit of reading every day and Joe likes a book at bedtime (of course), so why not combine the two?

So Harry is doing a Sponsored Read To Joe. He will read a book to Joe every day for the rest of September or until he reaches his target of £1,000. I’ll (try to remember to) take a photo every night, to prove he’s actually doing it and both boys will (probably) share their thoughts on the books too. So that I don’t fill this blog with updates, I’ve set up a new site (of course I have) – Harry Reads to Joe – and have added a link to the posts at the top of this page.

Oh and it would be completely wonderful if you could sponsor him.

Joe’s not wild about the idea, but he’ll get used to it. Maybe.

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