Harry Reads to Joe update: 56%

So when I last posted about this, I said “How soon can we get to 50%?” and we did it in three days! How cool is that?

Harry and Joe were featured on the Save the Children UK Facebook page, which was brilliant and gave funds a big boost. I’ve been nagging away on Twitter and Facebook too and we’re all really thrilled at how supportive everyone  has been – thank you!

I just wanted to share what Harry said when someone from Save the Children asked why he wanted to do this:

“I think anyone would want to help poor children. So they can have a better future. And it’s sad that they don’t have enough to eat at such a little age.”

You can read about the challenge here and sponsor him here.


4 thoughts on “Harry Reads to Joe update: 56%

  1. What Leanne said! What a little treasure. But then again, he’s far too good and kind to be a PM. It’d be a real shame to knock it out of him. 🙂 xxx (Brought a tear to my eye…x)

    1. Told Harry that Aunty Lea said he should be Prime Minister. His face lit up. Then Joe started crying and said, “No! I wanna be Pry Minner…” Good grief.

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