What’s wrong with being a Mummy’s Boy?

I’m asking that very question over on Bea today.

I totally meant to mention Mrs Merton & Malcolm as an example of a Mummy’s Boy in popular culture, but I forgot.

(I never actually watched it, but my sister told me that when Malcolm was applying to be on, I think, Masterchef, he planned to make ‘egg mashed up in a cup and a Lemsip’ which makes me laugh every time I think of it.)


12 thoughts on “What’s wrong with being a Mummy’s Boy?

  1. I suppose it depends which role you are playing. Is it ok with being a mummy’s boy if you are the mummy? Or is it ok with being a mummy’s boy if you are the wife?

  2. Sorry, yes i did read the Bea post. My comment was tongue in cheek refering to your picture of Mrs Merton and Malcom. Mums tend to be strong women role models for boys as they grow up. I have a friend however who is married and her husband is a mummys boy (or so she tells me). I do know that his ‘apparent’ obsession with his mother is actually causing a rift in their (husband and wife) relationship. Quite sad really.

    1. Oh, I see! Sorry, I’m not very awake today. Yes, sometimes I think mothers can use the relationship against a future wife – and I think the idea of that is one of society’s prejudices against the mother/son relationship – but I don’t think that’s usual. And the weird thing is, fathers can drive a wedge between daughters and their partners too, but I don’t think that’s perceived in quite the same way. And an ‘obsession’ with his mother isn’t quite the same as a close, healthy relationship.

  3. Oh god, I loved Mrs Merton. “Let’s have a heated debate!” (And of course, her interview with Debbie McGee is the stuff of legend.)

  4. There’s no such thing as a Mummy’s Girl, Stella, that’s just expected 🙂 My nan was the egg masher in our family. I was totally a Nan’s Girl.

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