What’s better than mushrooms on toast?

Mushrooms and mozzarella on toast!

I saw this on Pinterest on a blog in a foreign language, but I figured I didn’t need a recipe in order to add mozzarella, so I just threw it in the pan. It didn’t melt as much as I would have liked, but it was still delish.

I’d asked Joe if he wanted me to make him some and he said no. But then kept coming over to ask for more and more and more. When I told him to clear off, he said, “I can’t! It’s too YUMMY!” It was, too.


3 thoughts on “What’s better than mushrooms on toast?

  1. So is this the mozzarella in the brick or in the ball. Seems like everyone is eating the ball stuff lately. So did you toast the bread first then put in pan or did you just the cheese in pan. Going to totally try this.

    1. Ball. I’ve never seen it in a brick! Yes, toasted the bread separately; mushrooms and mozzarella in the pan (with some garlic).

      1. It is sold in a brick here but tonight in the specialty section I picked up a ball and will give this a go. Another twitter friend does tomato and mozzarella too so I picked up some nice looking tomatoes while I was out.

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