Changing my life with Wunderlist. Sort of.

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for ages and was prompted to get on with it by a chat with my friend Siobhan on Twitter yesterday.

I’ve always been a fan of the To Do list. Some days I’m so addled in the morning that I find myself writing “Keris breakfast. Harry breakfast. Joe breakfast. Keris dressed. Harry dressed. Joe dressed” for the joy of ticking them off. And okay, yes, to remind me what absolutely has to be done when I find myself standing in the kitchen, making another cup of tea, staring into space (or at Twitter).

For ages I had a running To Do list on my desktop with a list of everything I needed to do during the week. Then I separated it into days and shuffled them about accordingly.

But then my friend Erin mentioned Wunderlist and, well, it’s been a revelation. The great thing about it is that it’s multi-platform, so you can sync your To Do lists via various tech wotnots (technical term). I use it on my desktop and email to it from my BlackBerry. There is a BlackBerry app, but I haven’t downloaded it yet, because downloading apps on the BlackBerry usually ends with me throwing my phone against the wall, yelling, “OHMYGODWHYDIDN’TIGETANiPHONE?!”

So. That’s the general gubbins. Here comes the science bit. Here’s how I use it. I have a list for every day. And onto the daily list I put, you know, stuff I need to do every day: Bea, UKYA, my blog, write 1000 words, check my in-tray, etc. I’ve also added housework. I know. So Monday has ‘tidy/clean office’, Tuesday ‘tidy/clean lounge’, Wednesday ‘tidy/clean kitchen’. You get the drift. I’ve added cleaning to my To Do list before, of course I have, but for some reason, this time it’s actually working. I seem to have tricked my brain that if it’s on my Wunderlist, it must be done. It’s amazing. We’ve been in this house for 8 years next month and, honestly, this is the first time I could actually describe it as clean.*

* Apart from the kitchen floor. If anyone knows of a quick and easy way to clean a kitchen floor then please tell me. Our kitchen is absolutely tiny, the floor is almost always rotten, but I just can’t bring myself to clean it.

9 thoughts on “Changing my life with Wunderlist. Sort of.

  1. I’ve always loved lists, too. I like the look of Wunderlist – thanks for the tip! Do you use the web-browser version or have you downloaded it?

  2. I get those Flash wipe things and just wipe the dirtiest bits of the floor most of the time, seem to get away with it. Then when the blue moon shines high in the sky, it gets a proper mop.

    1. I do it with baby wipes every now and then, but that involves getting down on the floor. Although don’t think I haven’t just shoved them around with my feet, cos I totally have.

  3. Hi Keris,
    I’m Simon from 6Wunderkinder. Thanks so much for the write up. It’s great to hear how much Wunderlist is you out!
    Cheers from Berlin,

  4. Oh, oh oh! I discovered Wunderlist at the beginning of the summer – has REVOLUTIONISED my life! I LOVE it! I love that I can have different lists for different projects, but that I can click on ‘today’ and see what needs doing today, no matter which list they’re from.
    I also ever get swamped looking at a whole list – I simply give myself a date for each task, and then I only have to focus on that day’s list, safe in the knowledge that I’m not forgetting something.
    AND Katy and I can actually share a To Do list, which is even more geniosity.

  5. Floor wipes! If you really don’t want to bend down (come on, you’re nearer the floor than me!! 😉 ) then push them round with a mop or your foot!

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