52 Books: The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling

I don’t need to say much about this one, do I?

I really enjoyed it, but I can’t say it’s a fun read. I’ve only read one review (before I started the book – I just couldn’t resist) and it called the ending “bleak” and, well, it really, really is. In fact, the whole book is pretty damn bleak, but also extremely readable.

The characterisation is excellent and though the writing can be a bit cliched at times (a river ‘like a silver ribbon’ made me wince a bit), it had me gripped. But if you’re going to read it, heed my warning: as you approach the end of the book, get yourself a glass of something strong. Or a cup of very sweet tea. You’ll need it.


6 thoughts on “52 Books: The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling

  1. My best friend in London has this and she has agreed to let me borrow it from her when she is finished with it. There is something about the little town that caught my attention. I hope i do like it, though i’m not really a fan of Harry Potter,

  2. Y’know, I really struggled with this, so much so that I couldn’t read it. I gave up after the section that jumped back in time with ‘olden days.’ Perhaps it was just me and I should give it another go? I so wanted to like it.

  3. Oh I hope I’ve called it the right thing! I’ve not got my copy to hand, it’s the bit where she tells us all about how the Parish Council met, the whole deal between Pagford and the other place – Yarvil? And the tensions surrounding it all. I just remember not really being *that* interested. Perhaps I was too harsh, I’ll give it another try. 🙂

    1. Yes, I know the bit now. Funnily enough, a friend came round last night and said she gave up on it “when it went back to the 60s” and I went “WHAT BIT IS THAT?!” Haha! It definitely has a slow start, but I think it’s worth persevering. As long as you don’t mind misery 🙂

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