A(nother) weekend in Liverpool

Yes, yet another visit to Harry’s Favourite Hotel in the World™. This time we went for this. I thought it would be fun for the boys to see and take part in a World Record. They weren’t that impressed – David had to try to sing with Joe’s hands over his mouth “Stop SINGING, Daddy!” – but I’m pretty sure they’ll be excited to actually see the record in the book (although it’ll be next year’s now, won’t it? They’ll have forgotten by then…). I enjoyed it anyway.

In the evening we went to Space Night at the World Museum (it’s on again this Friday, if you’re nearby and fancy it. We would highly recommend it). We’ve been to the museum before and it’s brilliant. We hadn’t realised the museum was actually closed, apart from the Planetarium, but that actually made it even more special – we had to knock on the door and then were escorted up to the Planetarium, where a show was just about to start.

I don’t know which show it was, but it was absolutely amazing. Detailed close-up views of planets and then we zoomed out until our solar system looked like a star… out more to see the Milky Way… out more until the Milky Way looked like a star and out and out and out… until I said, “I’m scared” to David. When we left, Harry said, “I’m not going to think about that.” I don’t blame him.

We were also shown the path that the two Voyager probes are on. Yes, on. Did you know they were still out there? Still going? Cos I had no freaking idea. But then I didn’t know Uranus had rings. They obviously hadn’t found the rings when I was at school. In olden times. So, yes, the Voyagers are still trucking on and are, um, quite far away. Voyager 1 is apparently close to entering interstellar space and becoming the first manmade object to leave the Solar System. Hold me.

Where’s his other hand, hmm?

Possibly because he was also freaked out by what Spinal Tap referred to as “too much fucking perspective” – or more likely because he’s 3 – Joe decided that the Planetarium was the perfect place to say “Smell my finger” and stick his finger up my nose. The finger that had clearly, mere moments earlier, been stuck elsewhere. He laughed so much at my response that I had to shush him – I’d already had to shush him repeatedly for asking what were, yes, insightful questions, like “Is Mars our planet, Mama?” but that really should have waited until after the bit-in-the-dark-with-other-people-where-we-need-to-be-really-quiet – and then, when shushing didn’t work, threaten to chuck him out. To which his response was a loud and plaintive “Oh PWEASE don’t frow me out, Mama!” Yeah, okay. I didn’t. And he shut up. Mostly.

After the show, we made badges and then went on the balcony to look at the telescopes. We would have been able to look through the telescopes, but it was cloudy. Pah. Still, it was a top night. Oh and Liverpool looked really pretty in the dark.

{The title of this post reminded me of when Five Star went street. I miss Five Star.}