Why I love Kirby

A guest post from Harry

Kirby is a Star Warrior that lives in Planet Popstar Dreamland.

He’s been in games since 1992 and it is now Kirby’s 20th Anniversary and all the games I’ve played, Kirby’s Adventure, Mass Attack and many more Kirby games and I’m a really fan of Kirby.

You should get Kirby’s Mass Attack for the DS (but not for the 3DS) because it’s really good, you can control about up to ten Kirbys and also for the Gameboy Advance SP, it’s Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, which you can control one Kirby and change the colour of it.

There’s many more games that we can’t fit in this post. And Kirby is a really good main character with Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii. He’s been turned into yarn by Yin.Yarn and try to get him back to normal with his pal Prince Fluff. And many more you couldn’t understand.


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