52 Books: This Green and Pleasant Land by Anstey Spraggan & Dimmi Khan

So I should say up front that this book has been written by friends of mine (Anstey is a good friend; Dimmi I’ve only met once, but I think we got on well. I can’t be absolutely certain, because I’d had a lot to drink…), but you should know by now that I wouldn’t recommend a book I didn’t enjoy just because it was written by someone I know (you do know that, right?).

From Amazon:

Like so many classic British romances, Honour and Ali’s began in a pub. They have so much in common: their education, their nationality, their hopes and their dreams, and until the day they introduce their families to one another they have no reason to suspect that they come from completely different worlds. Britpak Ali wonders if he can ever manage the chaotic and hedonistic lifestyle of Honour’s friends, whilst Honour is terrified by Ali’s family’s devotion to their god and their culture. 

On the day that terrorism rips their country apart, their Honour and Ali’s lives dissolve into chaos. Suddenly, they can see the differences that everyone else had believed in all along.

I probably wouldn’t have read this book if I didn’t know the authors, but I’m so glad I did. It’s totally involving, beautifully written and it made me sob so much on the train that people actually stopped what they were doing to stare at me (but no bastard asked me if I was okay). I loved it.

(Yes, I do always seem to find myself crying over books on trains. I have no idea why this is. I don’t even use trains all that often.)