What’s cute and squeaky and distracting me from my work?

Today, we had a lot to do. We’re finally (fingers crossed) getting a new bed and I figured that if we’re (finally) getting a new bed, we should also (finally) get a new carpet and paint the walls. (We’ve been in this house for eight years and haven’t done a single thing to our bedroom. It still has pale blue mottled carpet and lemon walls. Ugh.) So Harry and I went to B&Q for paint, the bed shop for a mattress (the frame will have to wait until tomorrow) and the carpet shop for, you know, a carpet. (I’d been thinking of a teal coloured carpet, but Harry suggested we get one the colour of Kirby’s feet and that’s actually perfect. He’s a handy kid to have around…)

And then we went to look at some guinea pigs. Just to look. We definitely weren’t going to buy any. Not today.

“I don’t want to leave her,” he said. I know. I’m a total pushover. And then I picked this one.

Harry named the white one Sweety and the brown one Speedy and they are now next to my desk in a ginormous cage, chasing each other round and making cute little Mogwai noises.

I may never get anything done again.


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