52 Books: Back Story by David Mitchell

Y’all know how I feel about David Mitchell, don’t you? I love him. I luff him. I loave him. I was so keen to read this book that I almost bought the hardback in Smiths (I was put off by the fact that almost all the other hardbacks were 50% off and yet this one was full price), came home and bought the Kindle version only to be advised that I’d already pre-ordered it (on Kindle) and it had already been delivered. Thank goodness Amazon’s more on the ball than I am.

Once I started reading it I basically didn’t stop for the rest of the day. Harry and Joe nagged me for the iPad and I said, “I am reading a book!” in the manner of Waynetta Slob ‘avin a fag. In fact, I only put it down in order to follow Mitchell’s route – the book is structured around a walk from Mitchell’s Kilburn flat around London to TV Centre – on Google Maps (which my David thought was a bit stalkerish, but what does he know, eh?).

I don’t know why I found it so hard to stop reading – there’s very little (actually, possibly no) drama or shocking revelations – but his voice comes through so clearly and it’s just as wry, interesting and entertaining as you’d expect if you’ve ever seen him on a panel show (which you must have done, surely). Plus it made me laugh out loud quite a few times. But, for me, the very best thing about this book is the penultimate chapter about his relationship with – and love for – Victoria Coren. Mitchell’s always been cagey about his private life, so I didn’t expect the honesty and openness of this chapter. It’s beautifully written, incredibly romantic and it made me happy.


2 thoughts on “52 Books: Back Story by David Mitchell

  1. Oh, yay! So glad to hear you enjoyed it… I luff him, too, and am putting this book on my list. My Dave told me about the Victoria Coren thing last week and it made me so happy!

  2. Good review, you can check out the new book trailer for the paperback and also follow his new videos which will be released over the next few weeks, David takes the walk he refers to in the book and stops at certain points to recount memories and make typically David-esque observations. Watch the video here and keep up to date with the forthcoming videos http://youtu.be/zjs4Kc00Fr4

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