Boy quotes

Ooh, it’s ages since I’ve done a boy quotes post. So lots of these will be, you know, pretty old. 

I think Joe’s made up a new verb: To Ballerine. Means to dance like a ballerina. “Look, Middy, Joe ballerin’in’.”

Harry’s just pointed to a pic of Kylie Minogue and said “That looks like you… when you were younger.” Meh. I’ll take it.

Me: “Do you want to go to the park?” Joe: “Not yet. Just feedin’ my dog…” He’s dragging around a tape measure and making whimpering sounds

David said Harry had his heart broken this morning. I asked Harry what her name was. H said “How did you know it was a girl?” Love that kid.

Left the room for two minutes, when I came back in Joe had drunk my sweet and sour sauce.

Buying chocs in Hotel Chocolate earlier. Got to the till and Harry said, “I’ve put a little something in there for myself…” He had too.

Joe: “I yike you coat, Middy.” Me: “Do you? Thanks!” Joe: “I yike you face.” 🙂

Watching ‘Trickster’ ep of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Harry said “I think you might cry in a minute and run out of the room.” He’s not wrong

I don’t know what advert Joe’s just seen, but he came into the kitchen and said, “Three pounds monf. Cat.” I ain’t buyin’.

Watching Harry Potter for the first time with my Harry. He just said “I’ve heard Hogwarts is a very magical school…”

“What Joe tendin be? Joe tendin be nowman!” (He had an ice cream cone in his mouth.)

Harry: “Can I use your bottom as a guitar?” Joe: “Yes!”

Just showed Joe the #ISS for the first time. He shouted, “Don’t go without Joe, star!”

Harry just urged me to buy some Vanish: “It’s five times better than vacuuming alone!” #toomuchTV

Joe is all wet down his front and says he weed with his mouth. So that’s something new.

Harry’s just requested “bread and butter… With no butter.”

Playing hide and seek with Joe. I opened my eyes to “seek” and he was standing two feet in front of me with his eyes tight shut.

I just said, rhetorically, “How handsome does Joe look?” Harry said, “So handsome I can’t believe it!” 🙂


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  1. AWWW. I get E parroting telly adverts as well and just think ‘oh no, better go switch that off’

    And I love the odd compliments. I yike your face is a brilliant one.

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