Dancing on the ceiling

I bought this yesterday. (Yes, hand wash only, I know. But I’m 41! I can deal with it, can’t I?) (Almost certainly not.)

I was just hoovering our hall (I know, handwashing and hoovering – what’s happening to me) and the bright sun shining through our front door turned me into a disco ball!

(Even if it hadn’t, it would still be the best top I’ve bought for ages. Love it. Must try really hard not to shrink it/leave it in the washing basket forever.)


3 thoughts on “Dancing on the ceiling

  1. Hoovering in a new, hand wash only sweater? How posh are you? It would have gone straight into my wardrobe to ‘keep for best’! Which in theory means it would stay there along with all my other ‘keep for best’ clothes (basically, anything new I’ve bought over the last 3-4 years) whilst I alternate between the 2 pairs of jeans and half a dozen plain t shirts which are my ‘everyday clothes’!

    1. Oh I don’t do ‘keep for best’. Apart from anything else, I haven’t enough clothes to keep any for special occasions!

      1. I don’t even know know why I do it, I very rarely go anywhere ‘best’ So wander round looking like a right scruff with a wardrobe full of nice, hardly worn clothes 😦 *dork*
        Loving the glitter ball effect. Did you do a little dance with the Hoover? 🙂

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