Day 3: plot sketches

Gah. Plot sketches. Day 3 looks at the following:

• story goal (or theme)

• subplot threads

• plot tension

• release

• downtime

• black moment (or climax)

• resolution

That makes me itch. Part of my problem is that I never really know what the theme is until I’ve finished the first draft. But that’s okay, I can start with one theme in mind but expect a totally different theme to appear later. For ‘release’ ‘downtime’ ‘black moment (or climax)’ and ‘resolution’ I read ‘blah’ ‘blah’ ‘blah’ and ‘blah’.

I made a few notes, but there really wasn’t anything I didn’t already know and I did it reluctantly. I just don’t get how you would know any of this before starting to write.

One of the things that did help me with my (very) vague attempts at plotting was Jennifer Crusie’s Turning Points advice. Crusie is very hot on the kind of writing terminology that I react to very badly (see above!) and you’ll see she mentions protagonist/antagonist right up front in that post, but skip past that (or, you know, read it if you’re more grown up than me) to the actual turning points bit and see if you find it useful. I can actually see it being particularly helpful with this book.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: plot sketches

  1. I am slowly working my way through these posts of yours and this bit: “For ‘release’ ‘downtime’ ‘black moment (or climax)’ and ‘resolution’ I read ‘blah’ ‘blah’ ‘blah’ and ‘blah’.” made me laugh out loud because that’s what I was thinking!

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