52 Books: The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

On holiday last week I struggled to read. I’m not really sure why – unless it is as simple as the constant availability of Twitter/email/Facebook/Pinterest/Google Reader on the iPad has in fact destroyed my attention span – but I found myself only reading ebook samples and magazines, and starting books I found I wasn’t really that interested in after all.

I bought The Lover’s Dictionary ages ago in, I think, a Kindle sale. I’ve read and loved a few David Levithan books and this one looked particularly interesting, as it’s written as a series of dictionary definitions (in alphabetical order, so not an entirely linear narrative). The Lover’s Dictionary is adult though, not YA.

I started it on Friday evening simply because it was the next book in line on the Kindle (app) and I thought my frazzled brain could maybe manage the choppy style of the text. And then I didn’t want to put it down. I read to about halfway, but had to admit defeat and go to sleep.

At about half one, Harry woke me up because he’d been sick all over his bed. Once I’d settled him in my bed, stripped his bed, washed sick off the six toys he had in bed with him and fetched him a glass of water and a bucket in case it happened again, I found I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I read the rest of the book. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.


3 thoughts on “52 Books: The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan

  1. I wonder if I should get this one for Anna for Christmas. One of her favourite books is Will Grayson/Will Grayson, Levithan’s collaboration with John Green, which she is, bizarrely, making me read aloud to her at the moment despite the fact that she’s read it many, many times herself. I say bizarrely, because this isn’t really a book you can imagine your mother reading aloud to you. She’s cringed at a couple of pages, but we’ve got through it:-)

    1. It’s not YA, Caron, definitely adult (have just amended post since I forgot to mention that!). I really loved Will Grayson, but feel a bit blushy at the thought of you reading it aloud! Lovely that she wanted you to though.

      Have you read Boy Meets Boy? That’s my favourite Levithan. Going to re-read it soon actually.

  2. Ooh, I have this on my Kindle! Haven’t read it yet, though. I’m reading a long book right now, in tiny increments. It isn’t passing quickly.

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