Days 4 and 5: the summary outline

So apparently I’m supposed to spend two days on the summary outline and the end of which I should have been able to “brainstorm enough to fill a few pages”. This seems unlikely.

I have got the synopsis, so I’m going to have a look at that later and see if I can expand on it at all using the notes I’ve made over the last few days, but I’d be surprised if that takes me to two pages even. (And, yes, I probably should have waited to write this post until after I’ve done that, but I’m feeling very Sundayish and if I left it until later, I probably wouldn’t manage it.)

I must admit that this is a headscratcher for me:

Don’t feel that your summary outline has to be entirely cohesive. You may realise as you’re writing that you’re not sure what the next scene really needs to include. It’s fine to write yourself a note within your summary outline – “scene here?” – and then move on with the story.

“Scene here?” in the outline? I’ve been known to write “scene here” or “something should happen here” or “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS HERE?!” in the actual first draft (or even the second), never mind the outline. Are there really people who know what will happen in every scene of the book before they start writing it? Blimey.