Day 6: miscellaneous scene notes and closing scene notes

Turned out the summary outline was pretty helpful. I don’t have anything like a full outline yet, but I do have a few more details added to the synopsis in the right order and I think I’ve got the Crusie-style turning points sorted too. Result.

Today is all about miscellaneous scene notes and closing scene notes and instantly made me feel better since it starts with “Inevitably, as you’re working on a brand-new story, you’re going to hit a snag in the summary outline, where you don’t know what should happen for many scenes in a row.” I’m glad to hear it. It was really starting to sound like Wiesner expected me to know every little detail.

All I did today was add (to the summary outline) a few images/sketches I’ve had in my head. No idea what they’re for, where they’ll go or if they’ll end up in the book at all, but at least now they’re out of my head and on paper.


2 thoughts on “Day 6: miscellaneous scene notes and closing scene notes

  1. I’m really enjoying reading these posts. I’ve been thinking about trying to use the Guardian supplement to help me get a rough first draft of an idea I’ve been trying to pin down for a while now. Think it might take me more than 30 days though. Good luck with it Keris!

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