52 Books: Going to Sea in a Sieve by Danny Baker

Until a couple of years ago, I thought of Danny Baker as a slightly annoying ‘laddish’ TV presenter who once went on a bender with Gazza and Chris Evans. But then David introduced me to his Saturday morning radio show on Five Live and I loved it. Turns out Baker is funny, clever, incredibly articulate. Who knew? (Yeah, I know. Lots of people.)

But it was when I heard him on Desert Island Discs that I was really won over and I think I preordered this book the same day. (You can listen to it here.)

The book is just as good as I expected – Baker’s voice comes through perfectly. It’s laugh out loud funny, inspiring, full of behind the scenes info and gossip about the 70s music scene and more. (The chapter about Michael Jackson is enlightening and heartbreaking and reminded me of the Onion’s article after Jackson’s death: King of Pop Dead at 12.)

Going to Sea in a Sieve actually ends at the end of the 70s (or thereabouts) and where that would normally annoy me in a memoir, in this one it thrills me because it means there are more volumes to come. Can’t wait.