Day 14-15: the evolution of your story

Keep your plot sketch in mind as you fill out the story evolution worksheet. By the time you complete this worksheet, your plot threads should be firmly enmeshed with the story evolution framework.

I don’t understand the words in that second sentence. I mean, I understand each word individually, but ‘your plot threads should be firmly enmeshed with the story evolution framework’? Not so much.

I really don’t know how to go about doing any of this without actually writing the book. I do think it could be quite useful for structuring the book and making sure the pacing works, but that’s not something I’d look at until I started writing – I think it might work trying to write to each target (I remember Lani Diane Rich saying she finds writing to each turning point easier than the idea of writing a whole book), so for the middle section:

1 Characters design short-term goals to reach the story goal

For each main character, introduce short-term goals that will assist that character in reaching the story goal. Give a brief description of each goal and how each character is attempting to reach it. Use your plot sketch (Worksheet 4) as a springboard for this section.

2 Quest to reach the story goal begins

In this section the characters put their first short-term goals into action. Sketch out what they go through during this time.

3 First short-term goals are thwarted

The first short-term goal proves impossible. What events take place to make this failure come about?

4 Characters react with disappointment

Characters react differently to disappointment, and these reactions show the kind of people they are. Provide insight into each major character’s reactions.

But Wiesner has 17 points for the middle section – 17! – and there’s no way I could plot them in advance. Could you?


2 thoughts on “Day 14-15: the evolution of your story

  1. As i have said, it wasn’t for me … lol – good for you for keeping at it though. I’d be very interested to hear/read if you have something very workable once the 30 days are up.

    1. I’ve already got a lot more than I had at the beginning of the month, so I’m glad I decided to do it, but there’s no way I’m going to have as much as Wiesner thinks I should have!

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