If I die, just delete it, ‘kay?

I mentioned day before yesterday that I’d finished the first draft of Lilly’s Wish, the book for younger readers that I wrote about here.

When I started writing I had next to no idea of the plot. I knew the central premise, but very little else and, at the end of the first draft, it shows. It’s all over the place. The structure I’ve been working on in First Draft in 30 Days? Doesn’t exist.

There are maybe two turning points in the book, but everything else is flannel and waffle and filler and blether. But that’s okay. Because I’m cautiously confident that I’ll be able to sort it out in the rewrites. Eventually.

The most important thing is that I’ve got something to work with, as messy and embarrassing as it currently is. And it is messy and embarrassing. Anne Lamott – who calls her first draft the “shitty first draft” – says she always worries she’ll die while writing a first draft and people will read it and think she’d lost it. But at least it’s done. And I get to ignore it for a few weeks and read lots of books I wouldn’t allow myself to read while I was writing it. And then I get to delve back into it and try to fix it. I’m looking forward to it already. Sort of.

{I took this photo earlier today, when the boys and I had an impromtu picnic lunch in the park. The leaves underneath were so deep and yellow and gorgeous that I wanted to take my shoes and socks off and paddle around, but Harry was horrified and so I didn’t. Pah.}