Giving thanks and eating pie

I’ve written about our Thanksgiving over on Bea today – What are you thankful for? – but I also wanted to mention the pumpkin pie I made.

Now I’ve tried to do some baking this year, for the first time in my life. Sometimes it’s been a success, sometimes a dismal failure. This pumpkin pie was freakin’ fantastic.

It was ridiculously easy to make, but I can’t find the recipe I used (I think I accidentally dropped it in the recycling). This one‘s pretty close, although I ‘blind baked’ the pastry first. (Plus I didn’t add any of the spices and I forgot the salt.)

I wasn’t expecting much – I mean, it’s pie made with pumpkin – but it was delish. Sort of egg custard-y, but not too sweet. David and Harry weren’t keen, but me and Joe LOVED it. I took some into Joe’s preschool and the staff and children seemed to really like it too (apart from one child who ate the pastry, but left the pumpkin). Joe’s already asked me when I’m making it again. I definitely won’t be waiting until next Thanksgiving.


12 thoughts on “Giving thanks and eating pie

  1. The recipe on the side of the Libby’s can (pumpkin, evaporated milk and spices, basically) in a ready-baked shell is also gorgeous. Not that I’m lazy about this or anything. πŸ˜‰

      1. Me too – i avoided them for so long because they just didn’t look like a ‘potato’. I love it mashed, roasted and sometimes even have it as a jacket!

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