Birthday doghouse

It would have been my lovely mum’s 75th birthday today. She was 61 when she died. I’ve been looking through some photos…

With me, in New Brighton

In New York

I had a quick look through her suitcase too* and found this birthday card from my dad. I wonder what he’d done…


*Next year, I need to get it organised, scanned, and maybe set up a blog for it or something. I live in fear of something – fire, flood! – happening to it all, but there’s so much stuff it’s rather overwhelming.


19 thoughts on “Birthday doghouse

  1. Well there’s no mistaking who you get your smile from, is there? Lovely photos, and what an amazing treasure trove you’re lucky enough to have – it’s so important to have links like this to your past when your parents are no longer around.

    1. Aw, thank you. It is amazing, particularly since we didn’t know about the suitcase until earlier this year (after Dad died and my sister moved into his house) – it’s like having a bit of her back, which is lovely, obviously.

  2. Oh, that NY pic is stunning! I just want to keep looking at it – love everything about it. Can you not turn the cataloguing task into book preparation and therefore ‘justify’ the time spent on it? There must be a story to be told through the photos….

    1. It’s great that one, isn’t it? Funnily enough, you’re not the first person to suggest a book, but I don’t know – I’m not sure it’s interesting enough really. It is to me (and Leanne), obviously, but apart from that… I guess there’s only one way to find out though, eh? 🙂

          1. But, but, but it could be part memoir, part fiction/imagining. Have you seen the Poliakoff drama “Shooting the Past”? If not, I will find it for you xx

              1. I have ordered it for you – I remember being transfixed by it when it was first on. Stick with it and you will understand why I think it’s relevant. I just hope it’s not one of those things that seemed good at the time but is actually really terrible! xx

  3. Aw – that’s so lovely! My mum and I were very close too and I talked about losing her in my new book. I was beginning to think when I was writing it that it was nearly turning into an ode to her! Love the idea of scanning the memoirs – thanks for the inspiration. x

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve lost your mum too, Ross. I’ve only just started your book, but she sounds absolutely lovely.

      Yes, scanning is the way forward – I’ll feel much safer when everything’s inside the computer!

  4. Late 63? She would have been there at the time of the Kennedy assassination. I bet that would have been an interesting time to have been in the country.
    Great memories x

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