First Draft in 30 Days: was it worth it?

imagesDo you know what? It really was. I probably only did half the planning I should have done – from about Day 14 what Wiesner calls “outlining” I call “writing” – but I’ve definitely got a lot more to be going on with than I had at the beginning of the month and I hope to use the same techniques for other books.

Mostly, it was just really interesting to try something different. I’ll never be a proper planner (like Liz Kessler – OMG!) I don’t think, but nor do I need to be. Thanks to this experiment, I now know I can just add a little bit of planning to my pantsing and it will – I hope – make all the difference. Result.


4 thoughts on “First Draft in 30 Days: was it worth it?

  1. That’s interesting to hear Keris. I might explore that. Did you have a very disciplined writing routine? Do you have one? Since I know you’re a mum and a home educating mum at that! I’m always keen to hear about other writer’s lives – might be just nosey – or looking for material of course! 🙂 x

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