I fed a giraffe (and I liked it)


We went to South Lakes Animal Park today. It was good, but not terribly exciting until just as we were on our way out, we spotted the Giraffe house and went in to find that we could feed them sprouts for £1 a go. The boys weren’t interested – I don’t think they’d realised just how enormous giraffes are (I don’t blame them, it always surprises me too) and they were a bit freaked out.

I know the picture’s ridiculously blurry – I didn’t want to use the flash and spook them – but you get the gist, yes? It was so completely brilliant, just seeing them so close and having them eat out of my hand. The first time, I held my hand flat, like I was feeding a horse, but they knocked them off (and that was that!). The next time, I held the sprout between thumb and forefinger and the giraffe sort of hooked it with its tongue and the the tongue rolled up around the sprout, like a roller-blind. Mad.

It was a few hours ago now and I still feel giddy when I think about it. Plus it’s made me determined to one day see giraffes in the wild. I’ll add ‘save up for a safari’ to my To Do List…

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