Writing for teenagers: it’s not all OMG and LOL

I’ve been thinking about running an online writing course for a while now and I thought I’d finally get my backside in gear and do it. It will run for six weeks from the middle of January (to give us all time to recover from Christmas/New Year) and I’ve based it on a course I ran last year with Winning Words.

On this six week course you’ll learn:

What teen fiction actually is (and how to decide what age group you actually want to write for)

How to come up with inspired ideas

How to create believable characters

How to write convincing dialogue

How to grab readers right from the first page and keep them hooked to the last

The teen fiction cliches you may want to avoid (or not!)

How it works is that I will send you the course notes at the beginning of each week, along with some homework and a writing prompt – it’s entirely up to you whether you do the homework/prompt – I know some people won’t be at that stage yet or simply won’t want to write to order like that (I did a journalism course years ago at an adult education centre and my heart sank when the tutor set a writing challenge) – and then we’ll have a forum where we can discuss that week’s topic in more detail and where I can give you advice and feedback if that’s what you need.

It will basically be six weeks’ access to the contents of my head. But, you know, in a good way.

I’m running it for an introductory price of £50. For the full course. Payable in advance via Paypal. (Places are limited, but I appreciate pre-Christmas may not be the best time to shell out extra money, so feel free to email me to register your interest and pay after Christmas.)

Any questions, please email me.


“Keris mentored me through my first YA novel – she was honest without being too harsh and was brilliant at spotting bits which didn’t work or weren’t very teen as well as helping out with plot and structure issues. Since then I have written two more YA novels, am currently working on my fourth and have secured myself a literary agent.” Catherine Cooper, journalist.

“Keris is an inspiration. She’s been there, worn the tee-shirt and she’s brilliantly at advising, coaching and giving you the specific ‘how-to’ of making your writing dreams into a reality.” Suzy Greaves, Life Coach and creator of The Big Writing Club.

“Keris Stainton was a fab tutor and made things simple to understand and fun. Great to have advice from someone in the industry and who uses her own tips daily.” Laura Heath, Book blogger (SisterSpooky)


Keris Stainton has had three novels published by Orchard Books:

Della Says: OMG! “A fun, delicious treat you’ll want to eat up in a single bite!” Meg Cabot

Jessie Hearts NYC “A breezy summer rom-com with oodles of New York glamour.” The Bookseller

Emma Hearts LA “In-depth characters make this a light read that’s not frothy at all.” Kiss magazine

Before writing her own novels, she co-founded the influential teen books blog, Chicklish and, according to The Bookseller is “well in touch with what teen girls want.”

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  1. Wow, that sounds awesome and is a complete bargain. I totally sound like an audience plant, don’t I?! But really, I hope it’s a big success. x

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