Theo at the Park by Jaclyn Crupi

51spZFpcbTL._SL500_AA300_When I was offered the opportunity to review a scented book, I jumped at it. I remember some sort of ‘Smell-o-vision’ thing when I was a kid (did the card come with the TV Times?) and I loved the idea, so I thought Harry and Joe probably would too.

Theo wakes up to find he’s lost his sense of smell, so he wanders around sniffing things – honey, a rose bush, strawberry ice cream – that he hopes will bring it back.

Both boys were fascinated by this book (even though it’s aimed at much younger readers than Harry, obviously) presumably because they’ve never come across anything like it before. The story is slight, serving mostly as a vehicle for the sniffing, but that was fine with Harry and Joe since they both just wanted to skip ahead to smelling stuff. I was a bit disappointed that – spoiler alert! – Theo’s problem isn’t resolved at the end of the book, but the boys didn’t seem bothered, so maybe that’s just me.

Thank you to Anne at Autumn Publishing for sending it to us.

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