Yoga for writers

Not just for writers, but for anyone who spends a ridiculous amount of time sitting at a computer…

I’ve been having a few problems with my right arm since getting my new desk (it’s just that bit too high). I’ve been trying to switch my mouse to the left (so I can have problems with my left arm too!) (not really, it doesn’t seem to hurt that arm, for some reason), but I’ve also been trying to stretch more.

These stretches are so simple, but they really do seem to work – even stretching my arms out and turning them over makes a big difference. I just need to remember to do them every day, rather than when my shoulders are stuck up round my ears:

This one is brilliant both for sore computer arms and also what I call “iPad wrist” (just me?):

Now this one isn’t strictly related to being a writer (ahem), but I’ve done this Yoga for Hangovers video a few times and it always makes me feel better.

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4 thoughts on “Yoga for writers

  1. Thanks for this Keris! I’ve done simple Yoga stretches before and you’re right, they make a huge difference. And after changing from running around home educating children to sitting at a desk all day I desperately need to do something to counteract the effect! And although I walk or cycle – it doesn’t use the arms much – will give it a go! x

  2. Hi Keris, I always struggle with RSI in my right arm so I know exactly how frustrating it is to want to write and be at the computer (deadlines!) and it’s causing you pain. I tried switching my mouse over to my left hand too, but then that began to play up. It was terrible over Christmas, particularly since I was fretting about writing and the more I fretted, the more I tensed my muscles and made it worse. The stretch in the top video really helped me, but I’m hoping to get some physio soon. I also brought an arm brace which is useful if you find that you’re still having trouble. I know how much it hurts! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rose. Sorry to hear you’re suffering too. I don’t think it should affect my left as much because it’s down to the (stupid) position of my desk, but I can’t change the desk at the moment.

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