This may come back to haunt me…

I’m decluttering. And I’m being strict. And in a minute, I’m tackling the under stairs cupboard (hold me) because Harry can’t find his DS (yes, the one he got for Christmas) and I’m worried it’s in a bag for the charity shop (I’m really worried that it was in a bag that’s already gone…)

Our lounge. Five minutes ago:

Me: “We’re going to do these jigsaws to check we’ve got all the pieces, then they’re going in the charity shop bag.”

Joe: “No! I yove them!”

Me: “They’ve been under Harry’s bed. I can’t remember the last time you did one. You didn’t even remember we had them.”

Joe: “I did! I do! I yove them!”

Me: “Think of it this way: if we get rid of this stuff, it means we’ve got space for new stuff…”

Joe: “Get-a-rid of it! And that! And THAT! And… what else can we get-a-rid-of?”


3 thoughts on “This may come back to haunt me…

  1. Sounds familiar! We just did this with the old cassettes! Did we get rid of any? No – they’re back in the drawer…but at least they’re tidy! 🙂

    1. Haha! I found three cassettes in my desk. We threw them away – we haven’t got anything to play them on so they had to go. Ditto floppy disks!

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