The one that makes you all back away, fearfully…

So in yesterday’s post, from left to right, top to bottom, we had

Andrew Ridgeley, Sonia, Lenny Kravitz

Christian James from Halo James, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Coburn

Mark, Jason, Gary, Howard (Take That)

Robbie Williams, Jamie J Morgan (?), Neneh Cherry, Philip Schofield

Scanned Image 1I went to Capitol Radio especially to meet Andrew Ridgeley. It was 1990, he had a solo single out (anyone remember it? No). I had loved him for a long time. He was ok. Not unfriendly, but not friendly either. On the same show was Sydney “If Only I Could” Youngblood. He was much nicer. But, you know, he was only Sydney Youngblood.

Sonia was apparently at The Dominion, 1 April 1990, which I think was a Capitol Radio Roadshow, but I don’t remember anything about it. Unless Jive Bunny was on. I do remember seeing Jive Bunny.

44223_475813820971_5361242_nLenny Kravitz was appearing on Wogan. I’d been to look at a flat on the Goldhawk Road (it was an attic flat and so tiny I could barely stand up in it – and I’m 4’11”). While I was talking to the landlord, I noticed that Lenny Kravitz was on Wogan, which was just up the road. So I walked back that way and, as I got there, he was just coming out. His hands were huge and really soft and he smelled delicious. And, yes, I’m wearing a bum bag. It was 1991. Shut up.

Christian James from Halo James just happened to be passing through the airport when a bunch of us were waiting for Matt Goss. I think he was a bit startled when we all descended on him. I still bloody love that Halo James album…

Jean Paul Gaultier was on his way in to the Madonna gig at Wembley Stadium – the show he designed the costumes for – 20 July 1990. That’s a pretty cool signature, isn’t it? I’ve got an original JPG doodle! Go me.

Apparently I met James Coburn on Carnaby Street in October 1991. I have no recollection of this.

Take That, well, I’m not sure. I don’t think it was this time though…

meandgary meandj meandhoward

I don’t remember who Jamie J Morgan was, but I think he was with Neneh Cherry, who was getting coffee at Raoul’s in Maida Vale, just round the corner from Matt Goss’s flat. What? Shut up.

Philip Schofield. Probably at Broadcasting House. I don’t know when. Or why.


And I found another one:

Scanned Image 2

Julian from Curiosity Killed the Cat, Wandsworth Common, 28 July 1990. I was on the bus. I don’t know where I was going or where I’d been (Wandsworth Common wasn’t really my “manor”). I saw Julian out of the window. He was in a cafe with Migi from CKTC (who was a total fox). Reader, I got off the bus. (But I missed Migi, who was just leaving.) (Not because he saw me coming.) (Probably.)


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  1. I did pretty well! I did think one said James Coburn but had no idea who that was! (I also Googled Jamie J Morgan as I thought that was what it said and apparently he did a record with Neneh Cherry so I was very tempted to add her name just in case but I backed away) Philip Scofield – cool!

  2. This is beyond amazing. I cannot stop looking at the Lenny Kravitz photo. However, I am sad that your Curiosity autograph is not Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot-Parrot-Thingy because that would be a signature to behold.

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