April 2003: A microcosm

I know, I know.  I haven’t had a chance to do this for – eek! – a week.  But I’ve changed my hours at work so I now work 8-4.15, instead of 9-5.15 and so I’ve only got a frantic half an hour from when David drops me off instead of the leisurely hour and a half I used to have.  And I haven’t done anything interesting in the past week so I’ll tell you what I did this morning instead.  They’re good these little microcosms (?) of people’s lives.  Makes us all feel part of a worldwide community.  Apparently.  So …

Got up at – shudder – 5.45am and had a shower.  Put the news on and actually left it on instead of turning to E! News Live like I usually do.  Dressed, did make-up, dried hair, etc.  Drank glass of carrot juice and filled water bottle for the journey.  Blah.  Rowed with David not long after setting off because someone over-took us and instead of just muttering ‘tosser’, my lovely husband flashed his lights about, oh, ten times, which caused the tosser to slow right down (hang on, I thought he was in a hurry?), so David sped right up his arse at which point I was yelling like a fishwife (at my husband, not at the tosser, although my point was that surely his behaviour was startlingly similar to that of the tosser).  Rest of journey passed without incident while I alternately read The Sunday Times Travel magazine (not the supplement from the paper, the actual magazine they’ve brought out – it’s very good) and more baby research.

After being dropped at Deansgate station I interval walked (normal walking interspersed with fast walking and short steps which makes me look like I’m trying to get to a loo before having an accident) to Sainsbury’s (love these new “urban supermarkets”) where I bought (let me just have a look) (this really is a microcosm, isn’t it) Sainsbury’s magazine (can’t resist a magazine that only costs £1), tiger prawns, artichoke hearts, runner beans (reduced), a pecan shortbread (couldn’t resist) and a paw-paw (reduced).  Marched the rest of the way to work (singing ‘The Bear Necessities’), switched on my computer, got a glass of water, and here we are.