May 2004: Anna’s not lovin’ it

You’ve got to admire McDonalds (well, you haven’t really, you’ve got to hate them) but you’ve got to admire the lengths they’re going to to change their image. The following advert in She made me laugh.

(On the left-hand page)

New Food: Quorn Premiere

Our mouth-watering … blah … even better than it looks … blah … one of the surprises on our all-new Salads Plus menu … blah. 

(On the right-hand page)

New People: Anna

Aromatherapist Anna is typical of the new breed of customer attracted to McDonald’s by our Salads Plus menu. Anna hates football, but loves Thierry Henry. She hates alcohol, but loves bars. She hates going by bus, but loves not having to worry about finding a parking space. She hates her job, but loves her boss. She hates rabbit food, but loves the new Chicken Caesar Salad at McDonald’s. 

I hate Anna

But then there’s an asterisk and, at the bottom of the page:

Anna is intended to illustrate a possible customer-type and is not a real person.

Poor Anna.


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