February 2008: Ellen makes me happy

I used to watch Ellen’s sitcom, but then she kind of fell off my radar until fairly recently. Now one of my favourite things is watching her dance at the beginning of her chat show.

But also, I find her incredibly inspiring. For some unholy reason, I feel kind of old and like I’m running out of time to do everything I want to do and I’m only 36. Ellen was 50 earlier this week. 50! I would never have guessed. Not only does she not look it, she’s so youthful in outlook, enthusiastic and joyful (plus, unlike me, she knows new music). She makes me happy.

And she inspires me. You should watch this clip of her stand up show in which she represented her experience of coming out via the medium of interpretive dance, but just in case you don’t want to watch it (busy, are ya?) then at least read this:

When you’re down there there are times you believe you’ll never get up again and it’s a scary place and it’s very dark. But I believe that’s when you grow the most, when you face your fears, that’s when you grow. So I decided I’m going to face every fear I have, I’m going to challenge myself every opportunity I get. People always try to make you feel better, they say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing to fear but fear itself’. Okay, great, now I’m scared of fear, thank you very much.