Feminism Friday: Feminism 101

Rosie-the-RiveterFeminism is not about hating men. I don’t hate men – I married one.

Feminism isn’t about improving things for women at men’s expense – again, why would I want to do that? I have two sons.

Feminism isn’t about burning your bra, not shaving under your arms or wearing dungarees. (If you find you’re attached to these particular stereotype, you may want to update your references.)

Feminism is about equality. Which is why – for me – it’s a no brainer.

I could go on (and on), but this post, Feminism 101 by EK McAlpine, sums it all up beautifully.


4 thoughts on “Feminism Friday: Feminism 101

  1. Well said, Keris. It’s so sad that it needs to be said, though. Equality seems like such a reasonable request, I’m constantly shocked at the violently negative reactions to it.

  2. oh I’mnot meant to hate men? I’m only shacked up with one to torture him… didn;t you know? 😉
    I have to argue my point so much about my thoughts on gender equality, it winds me up… just becuase I believe in women’s rights does not mean I think women are better than men, but apprently thats the case. sigh.
    anyway, I may print this out and attach it to me somewhere, hope you don’t mind

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