Is this the most 80s pop video evah?

I had a brief obsession with Sam Harris (in 1984, I mean, not lately) and was reminded of his existence yesterday. I didn’t notice at the time how much Sugar Don’t Bite (“you know I’m a bleeder” just made me laugh out loud) rips off Papa Don’t Preach. Also? How utterly ridiculous the whole thing is. But BRILLIANTLY so. It’s got everything! Anyone else remember him?

I think I first saw him on Wogan doing this

which completely blew me away at the time. Obviously, I loved a tiny, frosty-haired, melodramatic man in his dad’s dressing gown. Now he rather reminds me of Bobby Davro doing a Liza Minnelli impersonation. (Which I think Bobby Davro actually did do when I saw him supporting Barry Manilow. I’m not making this up. I wish I was.) Also, PLEASE watch to (or from) 1:40. The big finish has to be seen/heard to be believed.

4 thoughts on “Is this the most 80s pop video evah?

    1. He seems like a cool dude now, which is good to know. For some reason I had him down as a Kirk Cameron type, but no.

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