Surprise Spring


We went to a home ed meet-up at a museum today. As we were setting off, Joe said, “It’s a beautiful day – we should be going to the park!” He wasn’t wrong. On the way home from the museum, we passed a park that we don’t often go to – but one that I absolutely love – and I decided we’d go there for a change.

Harry was not impressed. He was expecting delivery of a Pokemon DVD and just wanted to get home. As we walked into the park, he was all “How long do we have to staaaaaaay?” I was wearing shoes that rub me a bit and so when the boys started running down a hill, I took them off and wandered around barefoot on the grass. Harry and Joe immediately asked if they could take their shoes off too and straight away I said no, before changing my mind and telling them yes.

I notice I do this quite often and I don’t really know where it comes from. One day in the other park, Joe wanted to splash in a little river of rainwater running down the side of the road. I shouted at him and made various threats (of the “No iPad when we get home” nature) before thinking, jeez, lighten up, his clothes can go in the wash. We all ended up having a brilliant time. And taking one of my favourite photos…


And it was the same today. The boys rolled down the hill



and, eventually, so did I. But it turns out that when you’re a bit, um, heavier, you roll a lot, er, quicker and so while I enjoyed it, I’m in no hurry to repeat it. (The dizziness!)

Once they’d finished rolling (and I’d finished running down the hill), we walked around the lake, which looked lovely in the sunshine.


I think we all enjoyed it more because it was unplanned. Even Harry said, “That was fun! We should do that again!”



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