“There she is in her red coat…”


That’s my nan – my dad’s mum – in the red coat and hat. Crouching down in front is my Aunty Phyl (nan’s daughter, dad’s sister). Aunty Phyl worked for Littlewoods Pools and I think this was a work outing that somehow Nan went along on.


That’s my mum, looking very glam in her red coat and hat at my cousin’s wedding. (That’s me at the front.)

I saw these photos this morning while I was looking for something else and though “Obviously, I need a red coat…” but then I remembered Nora Ephron’s mother’s advice. (I still want one though.)

4 thoughts on ““There she is in her red coat…”

  1. Where are your nan and co., do you know? I guess it could be a lot of places, but it gave me a Southport flashback. Anyhoo, I’ve had a red coat and I LOVED it. Also, the woman could write, but I’m not convinced Phoebe Ephron is the best person to take advice from.

    1. I don’t remember, but Southport seems likely. Will ask Aunty P when I speak to her next.

      And you’re not wrong re Phoebe :/

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