A time before internet

UnknownTrying to make more bookshelf space yesterday, I found an old diary. I hadn’t actually written in it very much, so it was ripe to be blogged about and chucked out. Once I started reading it, I found I probably wouldn’t even blog most of it (So! Boring!), but a couple of entries made me laugh.

From 31 May 1998: Tried to get on the Internet, but failed! For one you needed a credit card and the other took too long so we gave up.

(In case you’re interested, I go on to say that “it was officially announced that Geri has quite the Spice Girls” and that “Gazza has been dropped from the squad for the World Cup.”)

From 17 June 1998: Had another go on the Internet this evening. Not impressed so far. Can never think of anything to look for and the things we’ve found haven’t been v impressive.

Wonder what my 1998 self would say if she could see me now. It would blow her tiny mind.