Wendy James was ahead of her time

My online friend Stuart tweeted a link to this video of Transvision Vamp’s Wendy James on Going Live and indeed pointed out how ahead of her time she was, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it until just now and it’s amazing. She starts off saying she doesn’t usually wear knickers (and Sarah Greene neither gets flustered nor apologises, as would no doubt be the case now) and goes on to talk about feminism and the environment. In 1991.

I worked with* Wendy James around 93/94, I think, and she was absolutely lovely. I was scared of her before I met her (I was pretty much scared of everyone back then, but she had such a tough image), but she surprised me by being a total sweetheart: kind, funny and completely down to earth (she once asked us to book a flight for her, and my boss – who felt very maternal towards her – told her she should know how to do it herself, so made Wendy do it under our supervision. Wendy was – or seemed to be – completely fine with this, grateful, in fact). I wish I hadn’t been such a nervous wreck – maybe I would’ve got to know her better, god knows I could’ve learned a lot from her back then.

Also, I really miss Going Live…

Interview starts at around 6 mins.

* I worked in a music business accountants and she was one of my “client roster”.

5 thoughts on “Wendy James was ahead of her time

  1. That’s a great clip. I love everything Sarah does in it, mumsy in the best way. Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears is one of my favourite albums. Such a shame we didn’t make the world a better place for Wendy.

    1. There’s still time, Kate! It made me want to buy all her stuff. I loved one of the songs she did with Racine a few years ago, will have to hunt it out now.

      1. The first question the kid asks! & her reply is just right when you expect her to say how women get to wear all the best clothes. And then Sarah’s follow up. I know it’s wrong and mad old reactionary to think this, but it feels like just at that moment it was all going right and then somehow we blew it again and no one will tell Little Mix not to cover up before asking them if women contribute to the way they are perceived. See if you can download Basement Kiss from somewhere, it’s beaaauutiul.

        1. I don’t think it’s reactionary at all, I completely agree. We’re mired in porn culture at the moment, but there is a lot of backlash and I’m hopeful that things will improve. (I have to be or I’d cry and cry.)

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