Happy Birthday (to me)

I’ve written over on Bea about turning 42 (42!) but I wanted to write about what we did to celebrate my birthday yesterday. The boys woke me with a cup of tea, a bacon butty and the sunshine. Joe started basking in it like a cat.


Once presents had been opened, breakfast had been eaten and everyone was organised, we headed off to Martin Mere. I’d read it was Downy Duckling Week and who can resist a downy duckling? We were so lucky – as soon as we walked into the hatchery, we saw a duckling peck his way right out of his shell. 

The other reason I wanted to go to Martin Mere was to do the canoe safari. I read about this ages ago and got very over-excited and, as it turned out, I was right to – it was utterly brilliant.




We went to the hides and I took one of my favourite photos of Joe


then the boys played in the playground and I had an ice cream. We were going to head straight home after – David had bought cake and planned to make us a birthday dinner – but the sun was shining and since that’s such a rare occurrence, I said we should make the most of it. So we drove to Southport.

My phone had run out of charge by then (and I still haven’t found my camera) so no photos, but we walked on the beach, the boys built sandcastles and we had fish and chips. 

Once we got home and washed all the sand off the boys, I got my cake (Joe blew the candles out, the bugger). The cake was four different types – a quarter of each. Genius, no? And then, once the boys were in bed, me and D opened the wine and watched The Intouchables, which was fab.

A perfect day.

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