I want to be a lemon tree

ID-10055165From Teaching Kids to be Good People by Annie Fox:

Have you ever gotten up close and personal with a lemon tree and noticed how cool they are? I hadn’t until I moved to California. Now I’ve got my own dwarf Meyer lemon and let me tell you that tree is an underrated miracle of nature. Right now, it’s got teeny flower buds, heavenly smelling blossoms, baby green fruit, and ripe golden orbs, all at the same time! On a cosmic level, the lemon tree always manifests its entire life cycle, simultaneously living its past, present, and future! How cool is that?

One might assume straddling the time-space continuum causes internal conflict for the tree. Like maybe an undeveloped puny green guy eyes a juicy yellow beauty and gripes, “Damn! How come I’m not more mature?” Or some blossom whose petals flap in the wind, whines about how unfair it is that she’s no longer taut and firm like that sweet young bud over there. But no. The tree has evolved to a point where no phase of life is any better or worse than any other. In the realm of lemon trees, there are no complaints, only total acceptance. What is, is.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net